I'm that go-to friend that always knows what to say to turn your tears into laughter. I tend to give the advice that you need to hear but might not want too. I'm in college and a Psychology major. I would make a good Private Investigator calling people on their bullshit is a hobby of mine. Online shopping is my addiction. I love cold weather(not really snow and ice) versus hot. I blow out the candles on March 22. I LOVE my family and friends they truly are the best and I'm blessed to have them. I'm blessed in my faith and without it I wouldn't be where I am today. Be on the look out for my G.B.F and soulfriend(like a soulmate but its platonic) Johnathan Hayden up and coming fashion designer! Love my city Austin Texas! Living Life and having fun!
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3rd May 2013

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💅Nails did

💅Nails did

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