I'm that go-to friend that always knows what to say to turn your tears into laughter. I tend to give the advice that you need to hear but might not want too. I'm in college and a Psychology major. I would make a good Private Investigator calling people on their bullshit is a hobby of mine. Online shopping is my addiction. I love cold weather(not really snow and ice) versus hot. I blow out the candles on March 22. I LOVE my family and friends they truly are the best and I'm blessed to have them. I'm blessed in my faith and without it I wouldn't be where I am today. Be on the look out for my G.B.F and soulfriend(like a soulmate but its platonic) Johnathan Hayden up and coming fashion designer! Love my city Austin Texas! Living Life and having fun!
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2nd July 2013

Photoset with 20 notes

I do love my city! Living in the great State of Texas is one thing but getting to call Austin my home is amazing! The people, music,food, culture, and location make this city so worth the traffic! There’s so much to do from kayaking in Lady Bird Lake, going to Barton Springs or if you’re into the nude seen Hippie Hallow lol. There’s SXSW every spring and Austin City Limits in the fall. There’s always something to do which helps “Keep Austin Weird”.

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